Monday, June 15, 2009

My new love: Audio Books.

I live downtown salt lake city. I can walk to Temple Square, I can walk to the Gateway if I feel really ambitious and I can walk to my favorite branch of the Library the Sweet Branch buried in the avenues. I love how close I live to downtown Salt Lake and the diverse (for Utah) culture. I've lived downtown for EIGHT years now. That is longer than I've lived anywhere else my whole life. So yeah when people ask me where I'm from the answer is obvious. I'm from Salt Lake. I love Salt Lake.

But I work far away from down town. It takes me a half hour to get to work. Most people say huh? A half hour that is so long. But it doesn't bother me. For one thing since everyone is trying to drive INTO the city and I am driving OUT the commute is pretty stress free. It takes me 30 minutes from my driveway to my school's driveway. But I make good use of the time. This year I discovered Audio Books. Now I've done allot of long drives across the whole western US and from Montana to Mexico a few times. I know the advantages of books on tape helping you to stay awake from Payson to Cedar City or Cheyenne to Cody. But I have never been in the habit of books as I do my daily commute.

I'm totally sold now. Here is a list of all the books I read and my rating. Some were better than others. But overall I'm totally sold on the idea. I LOVE Audio Books!\

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn*****
A Thousand Splendid Suns*****
Captains Courageous***
Eat, Pray, Love**
Enchanted April****
Shopaholic & Baby**
The Bean Trees**
The candy shop wars**
The Constant Princess***
The Maiden Bride*
The Other Queen**
The Secret Life of Bees****
The Time Travelers Wife*****
This side of Paradise***

I was mostly at the mercy of what the library had on its shelf. If you have any recommendations for Audio books (on CD) let me know. I no longer have to commute and hour a day but I'm still going to listen.


Evenstar said...

I've never been a fan of audio books because I can read so much faster than they can talk.

Missy said...

I love audio books, but it definetly depends on who is reading them! Thanks for your suggestion list, I noticed we have similar tastes, so I will have to try out some of your highly rated ones :)

Seventh Child said...

I seem to only like them if I've read the book before, strange.