Monday, December 1, 2008

Results on 30th Birthday gift

Thank you all for voting in my first online survey on what to get myself for my 3oth Birthday. Thank you also for those of you who have access to my personal email and face book accounts who wished me a happy birthday. For my birthday itself I was sick. Spencer stayed home from church and took care of me. 30 seems allot like 29. But 29 seems allot different than 19. sigh.

On to the results. The winners were:

1. CZ Earrings
2. New Laptop

Yes I realize that NO one voted for these things. They were not my first choice either, however I'm so sick of not having a computer at home. Our old one has officially gone the way of the ghost taking all my pictures, resumes, recipes and so forth with it. I sure wish I'd backed it up!

My first choices were a couch and a Hawaiian vacation. Spencer and I went shopping for couches all day on Black Friday, by the way RC Willy hot dogs are totally disgusting. We didn't find a single couch we liked. So no couch. I'm still toying with the idea of going to Hawaii but I want a few thousand more in our savings account until we do.

So it boiled down to
necessary things: Computer
and relatively inexpensive: Earrings.

Thanks again for all you well wishes!


josh said...

Boo! Sorry to hear that necessity once again trumps luxury. Still, I'll give ya props for the self-restraint. Go, Joan!

Evenstar said...

Next year: Hawaii!!!

Sugarsmax said...

52 is a lot different than 32