Sunday, August 10, 2008

Berlin's FABULOUS Musuems

Berlin Germany's capital had never held allot of appeal to me before this trip. I'd been to Berlin three times.
  • First time in 1989 right before the wall fell. I was 10.
  • Second time in 1990 right after the wall fell. I was 11.
  • Third time in 2004 on the US Embassy and "H&M" tour of Berlin. I was 25.
During my first two trips right before and after Nov 11, 1989 the two halves of Berlin were like night and day. The night being dingy east Germany and the day being Bright Western Germany brightened with Western Cultures commitment to Capitalism. Now it is much more difficult to tell the difference between these two parts of the city.

During my "H&M" tour of Berlin we really only saw the inside of "H&M" and the US Embassy. This was in my backpack through Europe College trip with 5 friends. I really hope that Camille forgives me for dragging her through so many shops ESPECIALLY because now I see all the cool museums that we could have seen instead. Once again I have to totally apologize to Camille!

This time I didn't do ANY shopping. Instead I spent my time on Berlin's Museum Island exploring Berlin's famous museums. So their is a famous saying that goes:"If you want to see Egypt go to Great Brittan" meaning that those plundering Brits excavated Egypt and hauled most of its treasures back to the Empire. Well I can attest that the Germans did their fair share of plundering as well. Berlin's Egypt collection is particularly impressive. For example I stood face to face with the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti. Many consider it one of the greatest works of art of the pre-modern world. She is BEAUTIFUL. She is beyond beautiful. She could have walked the runway and competed with any cultures' view of beauty.

Speaking of culture the Europeans do have a different one. The Pergamon museum had an enormous exhibit entitled Babylon the Myth and the truth. It was incredibly interesting. Part of the Myth section had an enormous black and white screen/ Playing on this screen was a scene from a 1955 porn scene and had a rather large stripper undressing and then running around topless. This would Never happen in the Smithsonian. But in Germany its so common it is hardly worth mentioning. The German's All the art I saw made me really glad for the Art History classes I took in College. Here are some other treasures I saw.


Give Mease a chance said...
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Give Mease a chance said...

What you told me those 8 H&M stores were museums! j/k
Of course all is forgiven and nearly forgotten as I’ve just given those H&M clothes away-was I a lot smaller then? After all you came with me to Berlin because I lost my passport-or was it stolen? Perhaps only my international criminal record will tell. Plus you have the mad sprechen skills that helped me tremendously. There appears to be an H&M near me, if you come visit I’ll go with you one more time as a peace offering given the international goodwill inspiration I’ve gotten from watching the Olympics.

Evenstar said...

Wow. That is so cool! I need to visit more museums.