Sunday, May 13, 2007

Death of the Beta

I lost another beta. This is my 2nd once since I moved into my rather large house sometimes referred to as the mansion. My red male fighting beta aka Jack White died on the day of our Halloween Party. I considered this a bad omen because that very night my boyfriend (I’ll call him 57) and I were going to dress as Jack White and Meg White from the white stripes. Then Jack White the fish gave up the ghost. Luckily boyfriend Jack White and I had a great time and managed to avoid the cops by sneaking up to the hot tub. Boyfriend Jack White survived the night just fine.

After Jack’s death I couldn’t handle the empty bowl in my cute blue bathroom so I replaced him with a blue fighting Beta. I let 57 names him. He chose Freckles because one of his obsessions in life is the show LOST.

So Freckles and I became good friends. He got plenty of light, air and food in my spacious blue bathroom. However lately he seemed a little sick. He’d hang out in the bottom of the bowl with out moving. I tried everything, moor food, less food and cleaning out the water. But yesterday he was gone.

I feel really baldly. I’m pretty sure it’s my fault. I’m busy 24/7 lately and didn’t have time for the TLC he needed, poor little thing. I’m done with Beta’s I need a pet like a dog who let’s you know when he’s starving to death. Or a bird that is so noisy you can’t forget to feed him.

Sob. Moment of silence for my little Beta.

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