Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bugs in the Baby's bottle.

Spencer took an anthropology class last semester and bug catching became serious business.  We had bugs stored in all kinds of containers and stashed away on Spencer's dresser, in the freezer etc.

Over Easter weekend with the family in St. George Spencer stalked the elusive black bumblebee from Snow Canyon to Zion.  I'm proud to say it was yours truly who finally nailed the poor fellow (in the name of science and good grades.)  We were elated with our prize but realized we had no place to store the poor Bee in it's final hours.

An empty baby bottle seemed the perfect solution!  We put the bee inside and hurried up to the rest of the group.  Everyone clapped and cheered!  Everyone that is except for Baby Geneva who at only 8 months was cognizant enough that their was something very bad in her bottle.  Very bad indeed.  She instantly burst into tears.  

her inital reaction when she saw the bee
 Now, we'd been hauling around all kinds of centipedes, dragon flies, big mama beetles.   Geneva had been witness to the capture, kill and storage of many a creepy and crawlie.  The bugs in the glass flasks from the U didn't bother her at all.  But she had to put her foot down when we used her bottle.
Proud of my prize!

Please don't feed me that thing.  

The moral is.....always bring extra killing jars.  

The non "punch line" moral is that my Baby was so much more aware of 
her surroundings and possessions than I gave her credit. 

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Evenstar said...

This is on the list of scenes from my life that I want to replay in the afterlife.