Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Hook

Attention potential Book Hook owners.  Megan and Arwen decided that March 10th was not enough time for a give away.  This means that the Book Hook Give Away continues.  Until March 20th.  If you haven't commented yet please make sure to do so!  I'm shocked how few comments I received.  Isn't the book hook the coolest thing ever?  Don't you want one?!?!  That is all.  Happy reading in 2012 and stay tuned for my last set of book reviews.  

Remember here is how to get the Book Hook:

How to get the Book Hook. 

1.  Make a comment about one of my book reviews (upcoming) on one of the next 4 blog posts where I will review all the books I read in 2011 per season.  Let me know if you liked one or more of the books, or liked/disliked my reviews -or- post your own review of one of the books. 
2. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you would use the book hook.  Be creative. 
3.  Become a follower of my blog. 

I'm going to have my "committee" composing of me, Megan (remember she was present during the making of the book hook.) and Arwen my sister and recipient of the first Book Hook choose a winner.  All comments need to be finished by March 19, 2012.   Megan, Arwen and I will choose winners by March 20th.

Just to remind you how beautiful it is.


Tiana said...

I, too, am shocked that you haven't had more comments. The Book Hook is indeed beautiful, and that isn't even a Joanie-made original!

BTW, I'm reading a great book right now that I think you'd really like. It's called WEST WITH THE NIGHT about a woman who was a pilot in Africa in the 1930s. Great stuff.

The Blind Spot said...

Ich würde den Book Hook als Schlafplatz für meine Brille benutzen, das Loch in der Mitte ist wie ein hübsches kleines Zelt (man könnte auch Schokolade als Betthupferl reinpacken). Oder man könnte ihn auch als Türstopper benutzen (obwohl das dem guten Stück eher schaden würde).

Hannah said...

I would explain why I want a book hook in German, too, but sometimes 42 words just aren't enough. And my reasons really have nothing to do with Achtung (Baby), Heil Hitler, Gutentag, or Schokoladen. I want a Book Hook for my niece Anna Rose, who is 8, and thinks these are the coolest things. She loves reading so much she gets in trouble at school for only wanting to read during recess. She was reading full chapter books by the end of her kindergarten year. (Wait! "Kindergarten." Did I count that one?)

Mad Hadder said...

I want a Book Hook for Anna Rose too!!! Mein Deutsch ist nicht auch sehr gut, aber ich lese die Bucher zum Nacht und Tag! Wenn meine Name ist gepickt, ich will gejumpen und gescreamen! Ich will das BuchHuch gegiven zu Anna Rose, und dann ich will meine Husband Herr gepleaden zu BuchHuchen gemachen im Garage fur mich!!!

Mad Hadder said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to mosey over to your blog! I'm trying to genre-ize you, but I guess I need to read more older posts. How's that uber cute baby??? Do you knit?