Friday, February 17, 2012

The Book Hook

I wish I could say I never abused books.  But I do.  I open the spine and I leave them around the house.  I'm almost always in the middle of reading a book (and one on my i-pod!)  I don't buy books very often.  So I'm torturing poor library books.  Just call my bedside table Guantanamo Bay.

My sister Arwen is a librarian.  She is super-scandalized by my behavior.  I drew her name for Christmas this year and I knew right away what I had to get her.  The book hook.

Isn't it beautiful?  You rest your book on it and you can keep it open WITHOUT hurting the spine. I can't really say why I thought it would be perfect for Arwen.  Books on her nightstand receive spa treatment to my Guantanamo Bay.  I'm the one who really needs the book hook and yes I did have an acute sense of gift remorse on December 26.  Arwen are you still using the Book Hook?  If not......

The only problem was......$$$$$ 
€30 for the book hook
€30 for shipping (from Germany)
€60 = $85  is a bit pricey for a few pieces of wood.  

Luckily I have connections. 

My friend Steve is a local high school shop teacher.  He hooked us up and let us use all the power tools two used-to-be-blond girls could dream of.  Megan (of 2008 Greece fame) tagged along.  As did Baby G and Megan's Baby "L." 

Steve insisted we all wear safety Goggles.  
Baby G doesn't realize that safety goggles have become semi-shick lately.   
Consider them pre-hipster glasses.

She got happier once we let her push the buttons to the super huge sander.  

Megan got excited to push the button too. 
I did the manual labor.  

Once we sanded and sanded and sanded it was time to glue all the pieces together.
We used really cool exotic wood called purple heart.    
The babies just chilled.  Dangerous power tools aren't their thing.    
2 hours later we had THE BOOK HOOK

I gave it the opera singers test.  It held up agianst High C.  
It was beautiful.  


Now for those of you who also loose bookmarks and are prone to hurting the spines of your book I am excited to say that I'm doing my first ever blog give away.  AND I'm going to give away a BOOK HOOK!  

More details to come!


josh said...

No need for a contest, Joanie - just send it our way! Fairfax County Public Libraries will be very grateful.

I'm jealous you got to hang out with Goody and Megan!

Evenstar said...

The pictures of Baby G are the best part.