Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lost wallets and good Karma

Today I got this text from Spencer:

  • "I lost my wallet! It fell out as I was riding my bike.  I had my debit card canceled."

You know what a lost wallet means.  New drivers license.  New student ID.  New debit cards.  New Credit cards.  New Health insurance cards.  New Dental card.  Library card.  The list goes on and on.  Our list included a new national parks pass $80 (non-refundable.) a UTA card.  USA Cycling cards.  A few un-cashed checks and $20 cash.  (obviously we aren't millionaires but who can afford to loose a wallet?!?!)

Then around 3:45 today two guys I'd never seen in my life knocked on my door.   They had found Spencer's wallet in the street.  They searched  through it, found his address and drove up to the avenues to deliver it.  Everything was in the wallet.

We read about liars and thieves all the time in the news.  I'm here to say that the world has good people.  Lots of good people.  And although you know lots of good people most of the good people in the world are strangers to you.  Think about it.  It is a comforting thought.

I also might be persuaded to believe in Karma.   6 years ago I was jogging in the avenues and found a wallet. It belonged to a Japanese girl.  It had her passport, her student i.d., and a $100 bill.  I tracked her down via a friend of mine (Angie Clarke) who speaks Japanese.  She sent both me and Angie a $40.00 gift card to Wall-Mart.  What goes around comes around.

I thanked the guys who returned Spencer's wallet and I really really hope that if they every loose their wallets that Karma will catch up to them as well.

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Evenstar said...

I'm glad Spencer has his wallet back and it's always nice to hear good news.