Friday, December 2, 2011

Working Mom, Awesome Nanny

Do you remember how I had a baby last June?  Baby G is gorgeous and smiling and delightful.  I spent all summer playing with her.  Then school started again and I went back to teaching.  Full time. 

Your brain prepares for what you know you have to do.  Right now I have to work so I've been mentally preparing to return to teaching even before I got pregnant.  I teach every day and little baby G hangs out at home with her nanny.

Her nanny is Elise, my little sister.  It is WONDERFUL to have family watch G.  I know that Elise loves  her and takes good care of her.  She reads to her.  She plays with her.  Not only that, Elise cooks and cleans my house.  Elise = pure gold.  I wish I could afford to pay her a million dollars a year. 

So far me continuing to teach has been an okay thing for my family.  Leaving for work every day makes me a little sad but once I get to class and starts teaching I realize how much I love to teach.  Having a job you love makes working outside of the home much easier.  I do love my job.  I think being a choir and German teacher is the best profession in the world.  My students are adorable.  I get better at teaching every year and I really really enjoy it.

So that is my story.  School gets out June 1.

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Evenstar said...

Two cute girls who look cute together!