Friday, September 4, 2009

Light. Sun Light. Lamp Light. Moon light. Star light.

Summer is fading. The days are getting shorter. It is dark now at eight instead of nine. I wake up in the mornings to run and I run in the darkness. It is well past the solstice. The light is changing. The earth gets closer to the sun but tilts away. All the shadows change. Noon sunlight in September is so different than noon sunlight in June. North America settles down for winter and its Argentina’s turn for summer.

Can you tell? Does anyone feel it? I’ve always felt the light change as Fall came on. I’ve always noticed a change. Not just a temperature change although that happens too. I’m talking about a visual difference in the way the sun hits the earth. In winter it becomes quite pronounced but I can feel the sunlight change as fall approaches. Spencer thinks I’m crazy. The first fall after we got married I started talking to him about “how the light changes” and Spencer’s teased me ever since.

Not only that he teased about how much of a big deal I made about lighting. He said “You are the only person I’ve ever known who refers to the sun as The Light.” Only then did I realize that not everyone cared as much about light as I do. I’m light sensitive. Not in a -I’m a vampire way- but in an obsessive compulsive way. Rooms have to be lighted in a certain way. Not too much light can come in from any one direction. Over head lights are NO good and should be used sparingly. . I don’t like to run once the sun gets to a certain level in the sky. These are things I adjust and change constantly and I can’t relax unless it is as perfect as I can get it.

I think I’ve been this way all my life but years of singing in Opera’s in college and the directors yelling “find the light” may have also helped me “find the light” the right kind of light.

What do you think about light? Or The Sun? Does anyone else find themselves tweaking the lighting around them? Does anyone one else feel it?


Missy said...

You woul hate living in Finland. Well, from November to March anyways...

Evenstar said...

I too am sensitive to the light. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder when I'm not in Southern Arizona for the winter. Winters in Utah were always hard. One January, the inversion lasted an entire month and I just wanted to die. I need the sun to live. In Arinzona, September is when we can start going outside again without being baked alive.

Seventh Child said...

I am not this way, light is just light to me.

Nettina said...

I loooove natural light and am glad we moved to a new place that has BIG windows in every room... except the bathroom of course lol!