Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glee- and my life

Fox has been working hard to promote it’s new musical drama. I’m not a big TV watcher, but two friends tipped me off and as I’m a high school choir teacher it caught my interest. The pilot was phenomenal. The 2nd episode was too racy for this Mormon girl, but very funny.

The plot in two sentences: Young energetic teacher takes on the responsibility of directing the high school glee club which although popular in years past is now only a handful of quirky students with varying degrees of talent and dramatic personalities. Determined to restore Glee to its past glory he recruits the Football QB which earns him an enemy of the cheer leading coach and squad. (I wrote this myself)

I can’t help but draw parallels with my own life. Like the teacher in the show I am also really passionate about teaching and I have my fair share of student drama. I can totally relate to the teacher when he tells the prima donna that she can’t have the solo in every song. Or convincing the jock that he really has talent. In the 2nd episode the students change the number and end up doing a really skanky song in front of the principle and the entire student body. The poor tries to explain it to the principle in the next scene. Yep me too. I’ve had a few last minute student costume and choreography changes which were UNAUTHORIZED. Remember How’s about a palsy at the end of BIG SPENDER (Spring of 2007 concert?) Anyone? Anyone? Becca?

I also have to say that I’ve built my small choir program from a handful of students too. When I started teaching High School 3 years ago I had 30 choir students total and only 8 of them were men. Over the last few years I’ve done everything I could think of to recruit students to my program. One of the best things I did was last year. We had an entire Music Recruitment week with photo galleries, pancake breakfasts, instrument petting zoo’s, open houses and the culmination Assembly where we performed this:

My school's dry synchronized swimming

Yes, all the men in my madrigal group performed (with MUCH initial convincing on my part) a dry synchronized swimming event that was rated the funnies thing that ever happened at the school. After that everyone wanted to be in choir. This is a very bootlegged copy as cell phones and cameras are VERY PROHIBITED where I teach. If you can’t get an idea of how funny it was from that video I ripped it off of this one:

The Original Video I found on youtube that inspired it all

So as for Glee, although I hope they keep it clean I"m glad to see a show about my life and my many struggles. Glee has also inspired one of the assistant vice principles at our school to start his very own boy band. Stay tuned for more teaching stories!


Evenstar said...

Hmm. Maybe I will check it out.

Canayo said...

I love the instrument petting zoo idea! That is too cute.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness...yes I totally remember the end of Big Spender. So funny. And the synchronized swimming? Classic. I wish I could have seen it.

Cal said...

I want to join your choir.

Seventh Child said...

That's great Joanie sounds like you are having a lot of fun!

Becca said...

Oh, pshaw, Joanie. You didn't get in THAT much trouble. I didn't do a last-minute costume change either! (well, the semi-strip show in Popular doesn't count...)
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some cigs to smoke and some coffe to down. ;)

Sugarsmax said...

That's my girl. Wahoo! you are the best.

The Queen Prawn said...

I love your funny way of teaching. That was so cool. I can't believe that you got them to do it.