Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Farmers Market

It is the place to be. Old people, young people, beautiful people, rich people, poor people, skinny people, hippies, tattooed people, dogs, birds (seriously a guy comes every time with his pet parrot on his shoulder) etc. Every Saturday morning during the summer months the normally scary pioneer park is transformed into the farmers market.

Local farms sell their goods, be it honey, cheese, lamb meat, peaches or soap. Artisans sell jewelry, leather purses, art work pottery and so on.

For the last 60 years my family has had a farm. It is one of the last places in Orem not turned into subdivisions. When my Dad retired from Medicine he decided to grow a big garden. Then he got the idea to sell his excess. Now it is a family tradition. I sell for him sometimes and it is pretty fun. Great people watching, great to be outside, great everything.

We sell whatever my dad decided to plant which so far this year has been spinach, lettuce, peas, beats, beat Greens, dill, onions, zucchini, and back choie which I have no idea how to spell but I did manage to sell quite a bit.

We also sell Rocks. Magic Rocks.

Add distilled white vinegar, food coloring to our magic rock and in two weeks you will have beautiful aragonite crystals. We sell them for $.25 cents and the kids go CRAZY!

Magic rocks, want- to-be-rock-stars and old Russian ladies trying to barter. What more could you ask of a Saturday morning.


Nettina said...

i think the rocks are awesome!

Seventh Child said...

Those rocks really do work, but it sometimes it only takes one week.

Angela said...

that is so fun!

footballcrucible said...

You are such a nice daughter to go help out!