Sunday, May 31, 2009

Opposites attract - singing in church

Today in Church we had my favorite meeting. We sang 90% of the time. Members of the congregation pick their favorite hymns from the hymn book and then we sing them. This occurs once each year in our ward. I love it! I love to sing. It keeps me awake during church. I get bored when I just sing soprano so I switch it up.

My game plan for hymn singing: I sing the tenor line first. (the tenors have the nicest harmony) then I sing the Alto (singing alto is fun but not as fun as tenor) then I sing bass (up the octave.) The bass part is usually pretty easy. They just go back and forth from the dominant (V) to the tonic (I) all the time. Then if their is a 4th verse I sing Soprano.

I love it. I love all the singing. But you know who doesn't love it? Spencer! My favorite Sacrament meeting is his LEAST favorite. I'm singing my heart out like a choir girl in ecstasy. I look over at my husband and he is fast asleep. He slept the entire meeting. He woke up when the postlude music started to play. No singing for him. Opposites attract I suppose.


Evenstar said...

Shame on Spencer! Doesn't he know that the song of the righteous is a prayer unto God?

Cal said...

I grew up liking to sing and thought I did a pretty good job singing alto until Grant told me that in the beginning of our relationship he thought I was tone deaf! (no one's ever said that to me before.) I never thought I marry someone who would like to sing, let alone sing BETTER than me :) I'm impressed at your musical range! I can barely reach the other part made for women let alone the mens!

Michemily said...

Weiss noch nett. :D