Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Husband...Prince Philip

Last Saturday night I had a concert. Poor Spencer gets dragged to all my concerts and lets face it. He isn't Mr. Musical (Love you anyhow babe!) so instead my dear sister Jani came. Only thing is Jani is a package deal. She comes with 3 kids under 5. (and usually a husband but he was at work)

What were we going to do with all 3 babies during the concert in the chamber hall. (Concert=No Kids Allowed)????

Spencer to the rescue! Spencer stayed home and watched all three kids! In order to fully appreciate this you have to understand that Spencer has very limited babysitting experience. He only has one (full) brother who is 4 years younger. He didn't grow up with constant coming siblings like I did. Until last Saturday night He had only changed 1 diaper in his whole life and that was 10 years ago.

So how did he survive? Well when we walked in the door after the concert at a mere 9:30 p.m. we were SURE the little ones would be fast asleep. but NO! Their they were all lined up on the couch chowing on the popcorn and watching Sleeping Beauty (he checked it out from Blockbuster but I think we need to add it to our library) And he survived changing little Eden's diaper. What a guy!

On the drive home Little Mariah said to her mom:
"I think Uncle Spencer looks like Prince Philip!"

Considering the importance Sleeping Beauty ranks in her life I don't think she could have paid him a higher compliment.

Flash forward to yesterday. Jani told me that Mariah just loves her friend Patrick (he is 5) who comes over to play sometimes. I told Spencer about Patrick and he got all sad and said, "She found another prince." in such a sad voice!

Yes she did my love. But I never will.


Evenstar said...

Great story Joanie.

Orme Family said...

Ok, so Joan, I really think your blog is one of my all time favorites, if not the ultimate fav! I need to visit it more often. I just got caught up. Spencer and you are as fairy tale as they come. I love it. And as for first impressions.....hmmmm...I had quite an interesting one of you!!! But don't worry, people think I am a snot all the time. But once they get to know me they don't think I'm a "B" anymore. Ha,ha. I didn't think you were a snot, just a bit odd! Love ya. Check out my blog and tell me if I did a good description of most opera singers...

Orme Family said...

So, I thought a little more about my first impression of you. I remember thinking, "Wow, I have never met a girl in my life who loves MAPS as much as this girl!" Funny huh? I went on a road trip recently with my friend and told her the complete drama of "Steve". Those were the best times. I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad we are still friends! And that you are still singing!!!!!! I laughed when you said, "Jani comes with a package deal." I know what that is like.