Thursday, March 5, 2009

How do you see color?

Can you see color?

My entire life well as long as I can remember my eyes have seen different colors. Is that strange? My eye doctor in high school told me that it is totally normal.

To clarify my eyes see different tints. Kind of like if the left eye sees a darker shade of reds like the different tint settings on a TV.

So how do you see color? Take this test and let me know. I scored an 8. (Lower is better like golf) it is the Munsell Hue Test.


The Queen Prawn said...

My score was 7.

Evenstar said...

I scored a 0. I have perfect color vision. First time I've ever scored perfectly on a vision test in my life.

heidikins said...

I am a 6...this is fascinating!! Love it!


Angela said...

ooh that was kind of fun.
my score was 0.
hopefully i can apply this to my art and interior design skills ;o)

Jim said...

If it makes you feel more normal, Joan, vision in one eye has always tinted slightly red and slightly green in the other (I forget which is which, and I only really notice when I'm reading). I've always wondered if other people experience something similar, and now I know.

Riddle's in the dark said...

I always knew that I had fewer colors. I got a 32.

Cal said...

I got a 4 and Grant got a 14. Some women have an extra cone in their eyes that helps them to see color better than men and women (millions more colors even.) They are called tetrachromats. Just a little trivia for you... :)

Missy said...

This was really interesting!