Saturday, March 14, 2009

First impressions of me....and mine of you.

One the whole I realize that I don't do the best with first impressions. I wish I had Dr. Freud here to tell me why. I think I'm shyer than people realize, or intimidated by people. Once I met a Dr. at a party (not Dr. Freud) He got my number (good 1st impression on him) and after we went out a few times he told me: "Nothing seems to intimidate you." That was his impression?!?! I sure had him fooled.

Tonight before the concert started I sat next down next to Rosie who was sitting all by her self and looked lonely. Rosie is in her 60's is kind and genuine and very motherly. These qualities are attractive to me in people and over the last year I've taken to sitting by Rosie on Tuesday nights. Tonight she said "Can I tell you my first impression of you? Don't be offended." Oh dear I thought because I really am sensitive to what people say and think about me! I'm a pretty decent person and I'd like to convey that to the world although I've had my darker moments - everyone has.

"You came into choir and you were so pretty and you were always dressed so cute. Then I overheard you talking and you were saying something about how you would only ever live in the Avenues or Sugar house and I looked at you and thought this girl is so snobby." Oh dear oh DEAR!

Rosie finished her comments tonight by saying "Now I realize how down to earth you are." Does she also realize that my cute clothes are falling apart because A.) I am too cheep to buy new ones and B.) I hate shopping. Maybe she can see through me now. But I'm glad she likes what she sees.

Then today at lunch Kristin reminded me how snotty I was to her the first time we ever met. She tells me she went home and cried. I didn't mean to be mean, Kristin was just so UBER friendly that it scared my socks off and I had my guard way WAY up. I was trying to act "cool" but I've never been super great at acting cool. These stories do have happy endings. Kristin and I are now BFF's.

But those are 2 of what are I'm sure many bad impressions. It does bother me a little. On the other hand I suppose I haven't always bombed my first impressions. Spencer said he knew he wanted to marry me the minute he saw me. Seven years and thirteen days after that first meeting we got married.

So what was your first impression of me. Do you remember? was it good? or bad? (hopefully not) Let me know and I'll tell you my fist impression of YOU. (if you want)


Jim said...

Okay, I'll bite. Honestly, my first impression of you was that you were nice but flirty, flighty, and probably not particularly deep. That said, it's not that it was a negative impression as much as it was an impression that we wouldn't have much in common and wouldn't get along that well.

Anyway, that was my first impression, but I think the years since then speak for themselves.

Kristin said...

UBER friendly???? UBER friendly??? Who would have ever guessed telling someone they are wearing cute pants is UBER friendly :)

The Queen Prawn said...

Dear Sister, My first impression of you was that you were big (no offense meant, I am drawing on the memory of a toddler and I have always been small (tears)), amazing, could sing anything and were soon to become the world's top Opera singer.

What was yours of me? Besides red, wrinkled, tiny and without a nose?

Sugarsmax said...

Well, my first impression was that you were the cutest thing on the planet Earth. I was in awe. . .and still am glad to be well aquainted.

Denise said...

I don't really remember what my first impression of you was. (Now, is that good or bad?) I could ask Alex what he thinks ;) I just wanted to say that I can understand you so well, I too am very very sensitive about what other people think of me. Sadly, many seem to think I'm arrogant and cold. Even Megan thought that I'm not very emotional and she's known me for quite a while. That really bothered me. But maybe we shouldn't worry so much about first impressions when in the end people give us a chance and then realize that they were wrong about us. And we misjudge others by their first impression, too. It's probably just human. :)

Karen said...

So I am just catching up on your blog, but honestly...I really only remember thinking one thing about you. I was so jealous of how GORGEOUS you are! Then later on when I heard you sing...oye...more jealousy! I have good memories of watching those Andrew Lloyd Webber Music Vids at your house. :) Do you remember that??