Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm back.

I know all of my die hard blog followers are wondering what caused me to take such a long unexpected hiatus from the blogging world. My last blog I wrote about stress and then suddenly....I was gone.

The before mentioned stress turned into sickness that confined me to slinking around the house with and Tylenol never out of reach. For almost 7 days I lied around on the couch. My temperature started at a mere 99.9 and got up to 102 where it stayed for most of my couch time. I ached, I sneezed, Twice I coughed so hard I threw up. Not counting last spring I hadn't thrown up in 9 1/2 years. I was worried I would never be able to sing again. It was scary.

I didn't know what it was. My doctor didn't know what it was. Spencer was worried and tired. They ex-rayed my lungs to check for signs of pneumonia. I tried antibiotics to fight possible infection but after 48 hours my temp was still 101.8. We switched antibiotics and finally after 36 hours I was finally down to 98.8. Sometimes my temperature is 96.9 so 98 is still high for me but most of the aches and pains were gone.

I missed school. I missed classes. I missed conference. I was so delusional I thought I would never get better but eventually I started coughing less, fewer aches, and chills and then today I felt really good. So I thought I'd come back to the blogging world and say I'm back and it feels good!


LW said...

Yikes that sounds scary! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Evenstar said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! I hope you got to do something fun for UEA.