Thursday, September 4, 2008


Everyone told me it was big and smelly and only worth a day. I had NO expectations. I had even lower expectations for the area of the city in which we stayed. Rick Steves, our tour guide, told us that Omnia where our hostel was located, was best known for its pickpockets, pimps and prostitutes. I think under normal circumstances that would have deterred us but we spent so much money in Santorini that we were determined to tough out the hostel. We just crossed our fingers that we wouldn't get pick pocketed in the 2 blocks it took us to walk from the metro stop to our hostel.

My 2nd favorite thing we did in Athens was the National Archaeological Museum.

Once again the pages of my college Art history text book came alive!

Here is our tour of the Museum:Above: I'd seen tons of vases in text books but I was totally unprepared for how wonderfully beautiful they are. Pictures don't do them justice. It really is amazing to see thousands upon thousands of vases lined up for display.

Above: Me and Zeus. Did you check out those abs?
Cesare Augustus. You know the one St. Matthew made famous.

Megan getting lost among the alabaster vases.

I loved this picture of the fish men with big eyes and narrow waists.
These were some of our favorite vases.
Murals galore.
It was a great Museum. Stay tuned for our trip to the Acropolis.


Evenstar said...

Wow. So cool. I am glad you had this opportunity.

Sugarsmax said...

hey, zeus is almost as handsome as spencer.