Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily happenings of Germany 2008 summer

When we got hungry we ate Bratwurst. Ymmmmm!! it was a wonderful experience.

When we had nothing to wear we hauled our cloths to the laundry mat. This was not such a great experience for several reasons.
  • A)It took us hours to figure out where the laundry mat was
  • B) Once we got their we had to figure out what kinds of coins the machines took
  • C) We had no idea how in the world to locate these coins.
  • D) We wanted to ensure that ALL of our underwear was washed when we did Laundry so we wore our swimsuits with our jackets over them to keep from freezing.
Yes I did say Freezing in July. Stupid German weather.

The Germans call their laundry Mats Wash Salon which I though sounded so chick but the spiders in the corners, abandoned pair of tighty-whitys, and bare light bulbs hanging from the ceilings presented a much different picture than what usually comes to mind when I hear the word Salon.

Luckily our wonderful friend Denise took pity on us and let us do the rest of our laundry at her house. Hanging out with Denise turned out to be the most wonderful experience of all. She is amazing and I can't wait to have her come visit in October. She showed us all kinds of cool Leipzig sights and tried to help us to Germinate. So far I'm still a red blooded American but I think the Bratwurst helped.


Kristin said...

I kinda hate you for being so beautiful.

theriddle said...

Kristin, duh, I only post picture of me that are particularly flattering. That is why people create personal blogs! I'll email you all the ones where I look bad if you want. Their are some humdingers.

Evenstar said...

We'll know when you germinate because you will start wearing outrageous color combinations.

Kate said...

Joanie you are so lucky to go to all those beautiful places!

josh said...

Inquiring minds want to know: do German laundromats have dryers?