Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Greece trip: Creete

After three weeks of miserable cold German weather we were happy to get to Greece. Actually happy doesn't even begin to cover the emotion we felt when we woke up our first morning saw the beautiful Mediterranean before our very eyes. Greece was warm, friendly, Mediterranean and exactly what we needed after the stress of Germany.

Our first stop in Greece was Crete. We flew from Berlin to Heraklion, the capital of Crete and arrived at midnight. Megan and I were determined to be EXCEPTIONALLY thrifty during our travels. We thought we might be able to walk from the airport to the hotel. We decided to take a taxi after everyone we asked for walking directions laughed at us. The taxi driver didn't speak any English but luckily he was fluent in German. Good think we spoke it.

15 Euro and 15 minutes later he delivered us to the wonderful Hotel Mirabello in Heraklion. I think sometime during our stay at Hotel Mirabello Megan finagled more Internet time if I promised to write a glowing review on my world famous blog. She really did say world famous, I tried not to laugh as it would have blown our cover. So here it goes:

Hotel Mirabello
is everything you could ask for in a 2 star hotel in Crete. Our room was immaculately clean. The 10 inch TV screen mounted to the wall got excellent reception. The maid cleaned our room every day and didn't steal any of our already falling apart clothes. The desk boys were beautiful and spoke very good English. The owner was funny and I have to hand it to him, he was the ONE European who wasn't totally under Obama's charm. He said something like "I do not trust the Negro" which although totally unpolitical correct was a welcome change to me after the Germans who worship Obama like sheep. We were very happy at Hotel Mirabello and should you find your self in need of a place to stay in Crete try it! I recommend it personally.

On to our adventures:

The museum of Antiquity had a very impressive collection of art. Unfortunately the main museum was under construction but they had loaded all of the museums finest treasures into one room. It was great. It was like a good preview that gives away all the punch lines and then you don't have to sit through a 2 hour movie.

Here are some of the highlights. I loved this piece. So did Megan

Below: I'm sure all of you recognize "Snake Godess" from history class in high school. She is supposed to be a goddess of fertility. I think it has something to do with her enormous breasts and hour glass figure. But I'm no expert.
Below: This was strangly familiar to me. Anyone else?

Above: This remidnded me of something else.
Below: Some particuarily lovely pieces.

This Lovely lady below didn't match the rest of the museum's collection but I though she was beautiful enough to be worth posting.
Then we were on to Creete's most famous Archological site. Knossos was the ancient capital of Minoan Crete. When people think of Knossos the only thing they think of is the Minotar. If you want to refresh your memory of this interesting myth you can read about it here.

The rest of Greece was just as cool. Here is proof:

Stay tuned for pictures of Santirini.


Evenstar said...

I want to go to Greece someday. Thanks for the pictures!

JEM said...

Wow. Greece looks like the perfect antidote to a month of dreary German weather. Veeeery tempting. I think Greece would be a blast, but Jake thinks he'd hate it. Could you talk to him for me?

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