Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am here. I live in Leipzig. I walk through the park every morning to the Herder Insitute where we are studying German. I eat doeners for dinner and I go to the bakery for breakfast.

I can't believe I live in Germany again. For those of you who read my blog and don't know me (I can't imagine that this applies to very many) I served an LDS mission in the Leipzig Germany mission. Everywhere I go I remember serving here as a missionary. For example all the students had an assignment yesterday to explore a part of Leipzig and then come back and do a class presentation about it (IN GERMAN!!!) in front of the class. Megan and I chose the part of the city where we had lived and served. Our job was to find out the flavor of that part of the city. Our duties included stopping people on the street and finding out and asking them their stories. It felt to strange to stop someone again. I was also relieved not to have to ask the nice people if they believed in God or not, or if they had ever heard of the Book of Mormon. I hope that that doesn't make me a bad person.

I'm glad to know I still have readers. School has settled in and we now will have more access to email so I'll try to update more often. I miss you all!


Evenstar said...

I'm glad you are settled in. But post some pictures for us!

Sugarsmax said...

Hot here. We miss you. Mom

Give Mease a chance said...

Oh what I would give for a doner kebab and maybe some gelato. Relish the moment.

Kate said...

Honestly Joanie,
Don't you know you've got readers all over the world! But have fun in Europe we miss you!

footballcrucible said...

I miss Doeners!