Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greece......Some advice please!

After our intensive Language Training Program this summer in Leipzig Germany Megan and I decided to extend our European Summer for a week and head to Greece. Yes that is right Greece! We figured after a month of classes all in German at the Leipzig University we would really feel the need for a break. Greece wasn't my idea, Megan is doing research on Greece and I though I'd come along as her side kick. I originally wanted to go to St. Petersberg, Russia but both of our husbands didn't want us, 2 blond American girls, traveling to Russia alone.

So we went with Greece which is great because I've never been. It sounds so much edgier than Italy or Spain although I'm not sure why. When I think Greece I think 1. Feta cheese, 2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and 3. the Parthenon. I wonder what I will think in a month when I've actually been? Hopefully not 1. kidnapped 2. hostage 3. help

So here is the deal. I need your help planning if you have ever been or know someone who has been to Greece. Megan and I are flying from Berlin to Crete and then want to island hop our way up from Crete to Athens where we fly back to Berlin and then back to Salt Lake City. So if you have any advice please do tell!!!!

Let me tell you a bit of my traveling philosophy:

1. I like to be active every minute. I'm not a lying around on the beach girl. Swimming is one thing but I'm too ADD to just sit and watch the surf. I'd much rather hike around the jungle with a machete.

2. I really want to rent a scooter at some point in the trip.

3. I'm not a princess. I mean I can do cheep hotels as long as I'm not scared for my life because I hear gunshots in the next room over.

4. I speak ZERO Greek. Yet I'd still like to get off the beaten Tourist track.

5. I'm on a budget but also don't want to miss my only chance to see Greece.

6. The early bird catches the worm. Yes I get up early and try to cram as many activities into one day as humanly possible.

So can anyone help me? I'd love some advice especially from Cat the Lion my friend and honest to goodness real Greek Archaeologist.


Kevin & Chelsey Christensen said...

The only advice and traveling tip I could give would be take good shoes, but you already know that. Have Fun.

LW said...

I'm so excited for you. I don't have any tips because I've never been to Greece, but you should definitely watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I'm not kidding - it will get you even more jazzed for the trip!

Evenstar said...

Well, I never been to Greece but I hope you have a great time! Maybe you can visit the excavated city of Troy. Bring me back some cute Grecian earrings and I will reimburse you.

Jim said...

Not to be down on the last comment, but Troy isn't in Greece, so that won't really work.

Anyway, this is probably my one and only chance to sound knowledgeable about traveling. So, from our conversation a while back that I was supposed to e-mail you about, I had mentioned:

- the Acropolis (which is a given)
- ancient Corinth
- the temple of Poseidon

Other things I've since thought of:

- the Agora (ancient marketplace ruins in Athens)
- the National Archaeological Museum

I'll let you know if I remember anything else from my time there.

If you want to rent a scooter, be ready for some fun. The Greeks tend to be less dedicated to traffic rules.

footballcrucible said...

I think you should just go to some place in Italy that looks like Greece! That way I can stay close to you in countries visited. Please think about it =(

Tom Quinn. said...

I don't know how big the towns are over there, but be careful when riding a scooter in European cities. In Italy the ambulances run 24/7 scraping scooter drivers off the street.

Michemily said...

You didn't go to Russia because you were blondes? They have blondes there, but not in Greece. Ha ha!