Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday morning stream of consciousness

I should be running right now. It is Saturday morning and one of my favorite times to run. Especially when the leaves cover the memory grove trail in late fall like they are now. Running is why I still live in the Avenues. I should take advantage of it, but right now I’m taking advantage of my very small uncomfortable couch on my back, the cozy bathrobe, my still sleeping husband and the golden sunlight poring in my window.

Life is good. Life is really good. I’m married to a wonderful man who makes me so happy. His father the German just offered to take us to Germany for Christmas and we are already planning a trip to the Canary Islands in addition.

I have wonderful friends. Megan McMurrin, Karen, Liz, Camille, Nancy and Kristen, Chelsey, and Laura at work you know who you are. Being married has also made more feasible reacquainting with other married friends like Diana, she is so wonderful and even sister Jani and I talk more since June 30th. It is who you know that affects your life and I’m very blessed!

I have great students even if they notice every time I go to the store and buy a new clothing item. “Are those new earrings Frau?” I don’t shop a lot. I’m WAY too into saving money. Some of these brilliant students are planning on doing an exchange in Germany this year. I’m writing them letters of recommendation right after this.

Speaking of saving money we are doing it. We still go out to eat a lot but apartment managing pays off. It is a blessing not to be burdened by financial worries.

Well its 9:45 and Spencer is still asleep. It’s way too late to go running now so I’m going to start cleaning. These are just some random Saturday morning thoughts.



So it's one hour later. Spencer finally got up and stole the computer to see if his best friend Michael had responded to his email. Thank goodness Michael HAD written. Then he started making hash browns and eggs for breakfast. No chance of running now, but I reaffirm that I have the best husband this side of the Mississippi!


Arwen said...

Saturday mornings are for sleeping in, Joanie! Get with the picture! :)

Callister said...

Hello Joanie!

Jacob Callister here. THanks for posting on our blog. I was just checking out your blog. How amazig is it that you Spencer Steinman are married. Spencer and I went to High school Middle School....maybe even Grade School?? together. He is good guy. We also served together when I was in Goerlitz and he was in Bishofswerda....great times!!!

Remember when we saw each other in Little Wild Horse Canyon? How crazy was that!! I am glad to hear that you are well, Christmas in Germany...I would literaly kill someone to be there this time of year again!!! Isn't Spencer's family from Heidelberg or something

Anyway, do you know what Megan ?Mcmurrin? is up to? Didn't she get married? I saw you mentioned her in your post, and I had a rush of funny memories with her in teh missionfield. What a great, and hard time!!!

Frohes Fest !!
Say hi to Spencer