Monday, June 11, 2007


Its official I’m tying the knot! I am changing my last name. I’m entering into the realm of matrimony. I’m changing my monogram. I’m somebody’s Mrs.! I’m getting married! I’m so so so so happy!

Here is the story of how it all happened. I tried to keep it simple for those of you with ADD. I’m reading David Copperfield right now and the chapter headings in that book inspired me to follow suite for my story.

The Joan and Spencer Saga


Prologue: (June 2000) In Germany

From 02-02-2000 until 08-02-2001 I served an LDS mission in Leipzig Germany. It was an amazing experience and one that has shaped the rest of my life. I learned German, gained a stronger testimony of the gospel, and met my future husband. However, I don’t remember meeting him at all. But HE remembers ME and I suppose THAT is where the true story begins.

On June 7, 2000 I went with a group of missionaries to the Freiberg Germany temple to do some work. All of the missionaries except me were going home in 2 weeks. They seemed pretty exciting and I remember thinking…Only 13 more months. I became the unofficial group photographer. It turns out Spencer was one of the homeward bound missionaries.

This is one of those moments where I wish I could go back and see the footage from this day. I remember it was raining (typical) and that I had a big white umbrella outside of the temple. I don’t remember even seeing Spencer at all but I took his picture and somehow made an impression on him.

I wish he had come over to say hello, but he didn’t want to be accused of flirting with a sister. Two weeks later he flew home. I stayed in Germany for 15 more months.

Chapter 1: I show up on his door step. (February 2002)

The 2002 Olympics were held in my hometown Salt Lake City Utah. At this time I was a music student at the U of U. These were fun times in the city as all U of U classes were canceled. I tried to take advantage of the no-class policy. One night some of my mission friends and I were kicking around SLC without any serious plans. Someone said “Let’s call Spencer and see what he is up to” I said “Who is Spencer” All of my friends assured me that I would probably recognize him once I saw him again.

So when I showed up on his doorstep in Feb of 2002 I was searching for some familiarity from the past. Their was none. His face didn’t look at all familiar to me. But I do remember thinking how handsome he was. I’ve tried to reconstruct this moment in my mind but mostly what I remember is how awkward it was to be the only girl with 6 guys (I just got off a mission remember!) and I remember that Spencer’s room looked like a shrine to U2.

Spencer recognized me right off and was so surprised to see me again that he barely said 2 words to me the whole night. Consequently I thought he was either very snobby or shy.

Chapter 2: The quiet kid on campus. (2002-2003)

After that I saw Spencer a few times on campus. He seemed painfully shy so I tried to be extra friendly. Eventually I told him I worked at the music library and he came to visit a few times. We gradually became friends. We went backpacking together and hung out with our other mission friends. I liked him but I was convinced I could never fall in love with him. He seemed too shy and different from me.

Chapter 3: Europe Here I come! (May 2003)

In May of 2003 I backpacked through Europe with a group of my close friends. Spencer by this time in his life was a pro in regards to European travel and gave me some tips. I didn’t really have a way to pay for this trip and ended up borrowing money from my parents. The trip was great but the moral is you should NEVER borrow money to travel Europe.

Chapter 4: I break his heart. (Summer 2003)

I returned from Europe and spent even more time with Spencer. As the summer continued Spencer confessed that he was interested in me. I told him I thought he was a great guy but didn’t see us dating. I cringe when ever I think about the conversation we had. It was like the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene meets the breakup. I wish I could take it all back. I was so silly not to realize the treasure that was Spencer. I’m so lucky he didn’t just walk away from me and never look back.

Chapter 5: “But we can be friends…” (2003-2005)

Every girl says it. Years pass and we didn’t see each other. I graduated from the U and started working. I had boyfriends here and there. Spencer and I talked every so often but I was always worried that he still had feelings for me and I didn’t want to lead him on.

Chapter 6: What goes around comes around. (May 2006)

In May of 2006 someone broke MY heart. Oh the agony! Never would I date again! Meanwhile Spencer was backpacking through Europe to see the World Cup. We texted a bit during his trip. When he returned I told him my plans to remain single my entire life. I felt like I could share these things with him because we had been friends for so long and nothing had ever happened. He seemed okay with my plan to never date again. Or so I thought…

Chapter 7: Transition from friends to lovers. (Fall 2006)

Fall of 2006 everything changed in my life. I moved into a Mansion. I landed my dream job teaching High School German and Choir. I bought a new car and a new bedroom set. (This was the deal of the century). With so many wonderful changes in my life I felt like my fairy god mother had just turned me into a princess. Spencer was so helpful during this time and started to seem more and more like Prince Charming. In my mind the transition from friends to lovers (okay we are not actually lovers yet) seems so seamless, but in retrospect we did have some drama. (meinentwegen)

In August Spencer asked me on an official date to go to a Real Salt Lake Game. Of course I had sworn off dating but I decided that Spencer was safe enough to date. “It’s not like I’m going to fall in love with him or anything.” Then on September 26, 2006 he kissed me. I of course am the highly dramatic person that I am told him “I can’t date you and we can’t kiss” Not so seamless after all. One week later I kissed him. We’ve been dating ever since. It has been wonderful.

Chapter 8: The best eight months of my life…engaged!

After dating eight months Spencer got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. When he was seven years old he found a pearl in an oyster at Sea World and had been saving it ever since for his future wife. He made it into a ring for me. I said YES!

Epilogue: Did my heart ever love till now?

I can’t believe how lucky I am. Spencer is my best friend and the most wonderful person in the world. I can’t believe he stuck around all those years and waited for me. I never thought I’d be so happy! He is so smart and thoughtful. He is so kind to me. He is my favorite person to be with in the whole world. He will be the best husband and the best father. I’m so happy.

The End (happily ever after!)


Arwen said...

I love your latest blog Joanie! I am so happy that you are getting married and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Ben said...

Congratulations Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Joan. Good moral here about not giving up when you find a good woman I think...

theriddle said...

Joanie, have you finished David Copperfield yet? I need to read it again. I read it when I was pregnant with Jani and that's been awhile. I think you are a little like David, and Spencer is Agnes. M

Andrea Jolene said...

I hate you for your photogenic-ness - but other than that CONGRATS!!

heidikins said...

Gorgeous photos! Congrats and congrats!


Emily said...

Ha! I hate to say I told you so....but didn't I tell you so? I DID! I DID! Back in Archivia, when he gave you that poster thingy and he was always caterwauling? Good choice, Joaner.

Marty: said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You're WAY too young to be in the Peanut Gallery! I love your love story. I have a son that served In Leipzig....Pete. Know him? He was there about the same time.