Friday, May 4, 2007

Spiderman III…….12:01 a.m.

I saw it first and I loved it.

Spiderman provided a scene by scene adventure as he battled the earthly elements in their subhuman forms chased the true killer of his father and swings through the Manhattan skyscrapers with flexibility and flare Superman would envy.

Peter Parker on the other hand hung out on the ground and battled the dark side in true Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde fashion. Peter’s transformation spans a spectrum of scenes. In the beginning the still virtuous and über-nerdy Parker excels in his chemistry class and plans to pop the question to Mary Jane (I find Dunst very difficult to watch.) Several shades of evil later the darker Peter does a bizarre disconnected song and dance more reminiscent of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers than the Marvel comics.

Overcome by the dark force Peter Parker and his alias Spiderman battle evil in its various forms and accurately portray the quintessential theme in all comic strips; Good vs. Evil.

Why do I love Spiderman? Because he’s a nerd. He’s imperfect and a little bit timid of the world despite his super powers. He gets as excited about physics as he does saving helpless females. His human battle with good and evil is more tangible than Superman’s propensity for good or Batman’s quest for justice. In the end Spidy is humbled enough to forgive.

In our world the definition of right and wrong sometimes seems subject to every critic. I’m glad for a nerdy web slinging Spiderman to remind the masses that yes there is a difference between good and evil and we do have a choice.

This critic gives it the ration of worth 2 ½ hours of your life and $8.00 of your disposable income.


Ben said...

Right on Riddle. Spiderman is by far the king of the three superheroes you mentioned and it's his nerdy humanity that makes it so. He's the man.

heidikins said...

Going to see SpideyIII this weekend, will have appropriate response after viewing.


JenKneeBee said...

ooh! I can't wait to see it! btw - welcome to the blogosphere :)